An Olive-centric Thanksiving

by Vicky - Spirit of Italy Tours on November 28th, 2009

We’ve had such a fantastic and olive-centric Thanksgiving holiday. The day before Thanksgiving we spent a beautiful afternoon at the Rinconada Park in Palo Alto with dear friends Tanya and Silvano Falcioni and their children Letizia and Lorenzo. They just arrived from Tuscany, Italy where they finished picking olives last week on their olive grove of 600 trees. As fruits of their harvest they brought us their just pressed extra virgin olive oil as an early holiday gift. Seriously, this olive oil is die for!!!!!!!!!! Their olive grove (Casa Falcioni, is the site where we’ll be picking olives on our Harvest Italia tour next year, and guests will see their olives pressed into olive oil and then bottled as a take home memento!

Then, today our friend’s the Peruzzi's invited us to pick olives at their home in Aptos, Calif. They have a small grove of trees (perhaps 20 trees as compared to the Falcioni’s who have more than 600 or so) but the harvest was fairly substantial. The weather was exceptionally warm and the experience was really fun, communal and quite "zen-like!" There were about 80 people of all ages there having a great time handling the olives and hanging out together, outdoors. Following the olive collection a huge Italian feast was served complete with homemade lasagna that was just delicious. We were still full from Thanksgiving but managed to mangia bene! :-) We just can't wait until the Harvest Italia tour next year where we'll be able to again enjoy the olive harvest in Tuscany!! For those of you interested in registering for the tour, please click on the “register” tab, send me an email,, or give me a call, 408-318-1980.

Hope all of you enjoyed a terrific Thanksgiving!

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