Come Meander in a Tuscan Olive Grove

by Vicky - Spirit of Italy Tours on February 2nd, 2012

Have you ever longed to meander? In my daily life, meandering is just not something I typically have time for. That is why I designed the Harvest Italia tour to be slower-paced so that guests can get into the Italian mindset where a leisurely pace prevails.

Casa Falcioni is located atop a rolling hillside on a 10-acre property that boasts nearly 600 olive trees. The property is surrounded by cypress and chestnut trees and affords spectacular views of the Valdarno. Olive picking in the countryside in Tuscany is a really soothing activity that allows you to be outdoors and quietly get lost in thought, chat with friends or listen as the church chimes break the silence. Tour guests will learn how to pick olives and about the traditional olive oil making process, as well as enjoy a guided tour by the Casa Falcioni proprietors to a local olive pressing facility to see self-picked olives turned into olive oil.

According to Afar Magazine (voted one of the top travel magazines in the U.S.) “…Today’s travelers want to get beyond the superficial, the mass-produced, the mass-consumed, and the mass-experienced. They look for the authentic in people, places, and products. They long for meaningful connections with the places they go and the people they meet.”

Harvest Italia is presented as a once-in-a-lifetime travel opportunity for guests to experience the olive harvest and a chance to enjoy the Tuscan countryside in the Fall when the climate is moderate, as well as an opportunity to get to know the locals without hordes of tourists, savor extraordinary Italian cuisine made with the freshest ingredients, meander through outdoor markets and historic sites, or simply relax in il dolce far niente (carefree idleness).

Please check the itinerary on this site and contact me to register for the tour.



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